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Slovak skier Vlhova repeats slalom double in Levi******

BRATISLAVA, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Slovak alpine skier Petra Vlhova repeated her stellar performance from last year and won both slalom races in the Finnish resort of Levi, tying US star Mikaela Shiffrin for first place in the FIS World Cup standings on Sunday.。

Identical to Saturday, Shiffrin placed second, trailing by 0.47 seconds, while German Lena Duerr finished third with 0.78 seconds more on the clock.。

The 26-year-old Vlhova produced four perfect runs and a deja vu-like performance, taking home a double win in the two opening slalom races, exactly like a year before.。

With five victories in Levi under her belt, she became the most successful skier to ever compete there.。

"I feel like my slalom performance is different. I made changes to my team, I have a new coach Mauro Pini and it shows on the track. I am more satisfied and happy. I feel physically stronger," explained Vlhova after the superb weekend.。

The podium looked the same as on Saturday with Shiffrin on second and the biggest surprise of the season Lena Duerr of Germany in third.。

Vlhova was gifted another reindeer calf by the organizers, her fifth overall. "I will probably start a reindeer farm soon. I will call this one Boris after my brother who is a great support, always with me at the start," she said.。

The next event on the schedule is the Giant Slalom in Killington, the United States. Enditem。

English referee Oliver upsets Dortmund with a disputed red card for Hummels******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- A series of injuries and a scandalous red card is endangering Borussia Dortmund's international goals.。

The Black and Yellows Champions League knock-out stage participation turns into a nail-biter with only two group encounters to go after the side lost 3-1 to Ajax.。

As if it was not enough having to replace half of the starting eleven due to injuries of key-performers after the red card for Mats Hummels in the 29th-minute, emotions were running high.。

Dortmund team captain Marco Reus called the action of English referee Michael Oliver "a game-changer."

German international Hummels put it even stronger. "An absurd decision. He decided today's game, and he knows it," the 32-year-old commented apparently upset.。

"What shouldn't be left aside is the fatal acting performance of my opponent. First, he looked up and then started his turning around on the pitch. He came to me afterward and said it wasn't a red card," the Dortmund defender added.。

Hummels called Antony a great footballer. "If he now develops into a fair sportsman, he is on his way to make a great career. Today he reacted highly unfairly. It was ridiculous."

Marco Rose said he was astonished by Oliver's decision. "Considering he is an experienced referee and someone sitting in a warm room backed his decision, I must say we destroy football this way," the Dortmund coach said.。

With six points in group C slightly ahead of Sporting, the 2012 German Champion finds itself ahead of a delicate situation. It needs a victory in Lisbon on November 24 to qualify for the next round.。

"I haven't got much hope to be around for this game, I still can't believe it," Hummels stated after he left the pitch with tears in his eyes cheered by over 50000 fans.。

Outnumbered for more than 60 minutes Dortmund failed to withstand Ajax's pressure. The German's had ruled the game for 30 minutes, Borussia's dominance came to an end after Hummels was sent off.。

"I don't know what to say, but we can only hope some of the guys return in time, to get us back on track," Rose said. The Dortmund coach praised his suffering team. "We improved significantly compared to the disastrous 4-0 defeat in Amsterdam."

Not only Hummels will be missing but Dortmund has to replace Giuseppe Reyna, Mo Dahoud, Raphael Guerreiro, Emre Can, Marius Wolf and spearhead Erling Haaland.。

The Norwegian goal-machine attended the game on the stands next to chess world champion and compatriot Magnus Carlsen. Haaland was visibly annoyed after the red card.。

Ajax coach Erik ten Hag spoke of a hard decision but mentioned the disputed penalty Dortmund benefitted from. Reus scored the 1-0 lead after Jude Bellingham fell in the Ajax box after being slightly touched.。

"We have played a disappointing first half and improved after halftime," Ten Hag said after the Dutch side qualified for the knock-out stage. Ajax's better half was the one without Hummels on Dortmund's side. Enditem。

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Feature: We can see the world more clearly than ever with 8K UHD video******

BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The intricacies of nature are brought right into your home when they are recorded on 8K ultra-high-definition (UHD) video.。

As video data surges in the internet era, people are constantly seeking higher resolutions and new challenges for coding performance and compression efficiency are emerging.。

Developed by the research team that recently won the State Technology Invention Award, the 8K UHD video decoding technology compresses video data and restores it through terminal equipment, making videos clearer.。

Gao Wen, a professor at Peking University and leader of the research team, has compared video decoding to buying a tank of fish. The traditional decoding method is like bringing the whole tank home. The new technology, instead, packs the water and fish separately and discards unnecessary water before transport.。

To bring the new technology from innovation to industry, the team has overcome hurdles including studying and evaluating technical routes and establishing technical standards, Gao said.。

The team has established a complete industrial chain for UHD video, from technical standards to chip terminals and system applications.。

Over the past three years, the technology has brought a sales growth of approximately 7.1 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) to leading Chinese TV manufacturers including Skyworth and Hisense.。

The new technology is also promising to boost industries such as intelligent transportation and intelligent medicine.。

Since the program was launched nearly 20 years ago, the research team has obtained 118 patents and published two monographs and 105 academic papers.。

The team will also upgrade the technology for VR and other terminal devices in the future to maintain its core competitiveness in its field. Enditem。

四款新品齐上阵 iPhone 12系列究竟怎么选?******

  2020年10月14日凌晨1点,苹果正式推出了全新的iPhone 12系列手机,虽然今年的发布会比往年要晚一些,但是热度却丝毫没有降低。在此次发布会上,苹果共推出了四款新品,iPhone 12 mini、iPhone 12、iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max,起售价格分别是5499元、6299元、8499元以及9299元,那么我们究竟该如何选择呢?


  此次发布的iPhone 12系列手机均搭载A14仿生芯片,采用5nm工艺制程,晶体管数量增加了40%,达到118亿个。A14芯片的CPU为6核心设计,GPU部分为4核心设计,还采用新一代16核神经网络引擎,每秒可以实现11万亿次的运算,因此在性能方面的表现是非常出色的。

  这四款新品中,iPhone 12 mini最为小巧,虽然尺寸小,但是却具备了iPhone 12的诸多体验优势。而iPhone 12则是一款非常均衡的手机,各方面的表现都很不错。iPhone 12 Pro及iPhone 12 Pro Max的性能最为出色,其中iPhone 12 Pro Max的屏幕更大、续航时间更长。

  iPhone 12 mini——全球最小最轻薄的5G手机

  iPhone 12 mini拥有5.4英寸的OLED屏幕,机身重量只有133g,是目前最小最轻薄的5G手机,与iPhone SE二代相比尺寸更小但屏幕更大,除了只支持单SIM卡外,其他所有功能都与iPhone 12相同,同时它的续航也能维持10小时的流媒体视频播放,保证了手机的续航能力。

  在大屏普及的当下,小屏旗舰犹如凤毛麟角,因此热衷于小屏手机的用户选择iPhone 12 mini更为合适。同时,iPhone 12 mini的价格在四款新品中也是最低的,也可以作为备用机使用。

  iPhone 12——表现均衡的主力机型

  对于大部分用户来说,或许iPhone 12 mini的屏幕有点小了,因此iPhone 12是一个不错的选择,这款手机拥有6.1英寸的屏幕尺寸,也更符合主流用户的使用习惯。

  iPhone 12不但屏幕变大,而且手机的续航时间也有所增加,即使作为主力机使用也能够保证足够的使用时间,同时iPhone 12支持双卡双待,因此实用性要比iPhone 12 mini更强。

  iPhone 12在价格方面要比iPhone 12 mini贵了800元,但是也带来了体验上的提升,6299元的起售价格,未来也会成为iPhone 12销售的主力机型。

  iPhone 12 Pro——性能小钢炮

  iPhone 12 Pro在机身尺寸上与iPhone 12保持一致,但是既然是一款带着Pro的机型,那么自然要更出色的一些,iPhone 12 Pro的优势在于质感更出色的机身、亮的屏幕以及更强的拍照能力。

  iPhone 12 Pro采用了不锈钢的边框,在质感上要比铝合金边框更好。如果说机身差异不太明显的话,那么屏幕带来的改变就会让你一眼察觉。iPhone 12 Pro的屏幕整体亮度达到了800nit,而iPhone 12的屏幕最高亮度为625nit,这意味着在日光下使用时,iPhone 12 Pro的显示效果要更为出色。

  在拍照方面,iPhone 12 Pro相比iPhone 12增加了一颗长焦镜头,并且支持Apple ProRAW格式的照片,这个格式可以有效的保留色彩信息,获得更好的成像效果。

  如果你喜欢用手机拍照,并且对于手机性能有更高的要求,那么不妨考虑一下iPhone 12 Pro。

  iPhone 12 Pro Max—高性能长续航的机皇

  iPhone 12 Pro Max配备了6.7英寸的OLED屏幕,在屏幕尺寸上是四款iPhone新品中最大的,对于喜欢大屏幕的用户来说,选择iPhone 12 Pro Max是更为合适的选择。

  iPhone 12 Pro Max与iPhone 12 Pro的差异不仅仅是屏幕,两者在拍照上也有所不同,iPhone 12 Pro Max拥有面积增大47%的感光元件和更大的像素,能够让手机拍照的亮度表现更好。此外,iPhone 12 Pro Max配备了65mm长焦镜头,在人像拍摄方面也更有优势。

  在拥有大屏的同时,iPhone 12 Pro Max也具备了最长的续航能力,是一款高性能长续航的旗舰机皇。


  本次iPhone 12系列的发布不但机型数量多,而且价格从5499元到9299元,覆盖范围也非常的广,满足不同用户的需求。iPhone 12和iPhone 12 Pro将会在10月16日晚8点开始预购,而iPhone 12 mini和iPhone 12 Pro Max的发售日期要更晚一些,在11月6日开始预购。

  今年iPhone 12的发布时间要比往年晚一些,上市时间距离双十一也非常近了,所以对于想要购买iPhone 12的用户来说,其实可考虑双十一期间购买iPhone 12,不但备货会更多,而且价格方面或许也会有一定的优惠。

  以2019年为例,拼多多推出“百亿补贴”战略后,在双11期间卖出40万台iPhone 11,“百亿补贴”入口日活用户突破1亿,足以看出双十一已经成为诸多果粉购机的最佳时机,今年iPhone 12,你对优惠幅度有什么期待呢?


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